Job 1601: Junior Agriculture Consultant

Job description

PriOps is seeking a Junior Agriculture Consultant for a full-time employment. We offer excellent conditions for suitable candidates. For the open position we need someone who is energetic, gregarious, confident, enthusiastic and highly organized.

Do you want to become a consultant facing real agricultural challenges?

  • You can be directly involved in projects, increasing responsibilities as you grow
  • You can work in different crops and industries of our partners (public administration, IT and IoT firms, R&D teams and others in farmers surroundings).
  • You can communicate at board level, and with time, you will be able to conduct meetings with partners - we are a startup!!
The real challenge means...
  • Liaising with farmers, suppliers and partners. 
  • Gather and review data from different sources. 
  • Business understanding of each crop, from business cases, to real-time data, identifying key issues, KPI, behaviors. 
  • Develop and refine models and other analytical tools 
  • Carrying out specific projects and research.

What we expect from you...

  • Passion – this will be your company too! 
  • Open minded, polite and friendly personality.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

And in return...

  • Fixed salary plus variable income by reached targets.
  • Real challenges - has it been mentioned before? 
  • Immediate incorporation.
  • First-class working environment, in a modern international office in the center of Madrid.
  • Regional travelling thru Spain and Portugal. 
  • Training in Big Data, Data Science and other company products.

What we look for

  • Agricultural Engineering graduate. Studies completed with superior grades (at least 7/10). Less than 2 years of professional experience.
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, efficient time management, managing projects and maintaining confidentiality. 
  • Creative and excellent analytical thinking, able to deal with difficult or unexpected situations. 
  • Have polished communication skills, good with computer, Word, Excel and creating PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Proficient in Spanish and English. If you speak other languages, that is an advantage!


Junior Agriculture Consultant

Job function



Entry level


AgTech (Big Data, Data Science, 
Management Consulting, and
Information Technology and Services)






November 2016


Please fill the application form, it takes 10 min.