Ops, goddess of abundance and wealth

In the ancient Roman, Ops was the goddess of abundance and wealth.
Ops provides us with numerous ‘op-portunities’ to make every day more productive.
Nowadays, in PriOps, Ops is the automated messaging system.
Her symbols are bread, seeds and soil.

Works of art depict Ops with a loaf of bread in one hand and the other outstretched, offering aid.

Ops or Opis soon became the patroness of riches, abundance, and prosperity. The Latin word ops means "riches, goods, abundance, gifts, munificence, plenty". The word is also related to opus, which means "work", particularly in the sense of "working the earth, ploughing, sowing". She also controls the wealth of the gods, making her a Goddess of opulence!

On August 25, Ops is evoked by sitting on the earth itself, where she lives in body and spirit. So, weather permitting, take yourself a picnic lunch or dinner today. Sit with Ops and enjoy any sesame or poppy breadstuffs (bagel, roll, etc) – both types of seeds are magically aligned with Ops’s money-bringing power. If possible, keep a few of the seeds from the bread in your pocket or shoe so that after lunch, Op’s opportunities for financial improvements or personal growth can be with you no matter where you go. And don’t forget to leave a few crumbs for the birds so they can take you magical wishes to the four corners of creation! If the weather doesn’t cooperate, invoke Ops by getting as close to the earth as you can (sit on your floor, go into the cellar). Alternatively, eat earthy foods like potatoes, root crops, or any fruit that comes from Ops’s abundant storehouse.”

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